The exercise diva also known as that damned cat tagged me with this. Thanks, girl- I feel so special!

1. How much exercise do you get in an average week?
Lately, very little. I’ve been too tired- nursing 2 babies every 90 minutes is extremely draining…

2. Do you make an effort to fit exercise into your daily schedule?

Sure- we swim every day (when it’s not raining) and then there are the catch-that-naked-baby-before-she-pees-on-the-floor! sprints, the 2 baby bicep curls, the 12-70 lb. sleeping child weight lift, stair climbing kiddie corral, toilet tissue bends, excrement hurdles, etc…

3. Is there any part of your body that you feel could use a little extra work?

Let’s just put it this way. Even my earlobes need some fat reduction.

4. What time of day do you prefer to work out?

I try to work out when my kids are too busy to belly laugh at my uncoordinated I-would-never-ever-ever-do-this-in-public hip hop ab moves.

5. What kind of music or what song gets you pumped to work out?

I like angry music by artists like Rage Against the Machine and The Singing Nun.

Okay, since I’m still a NOOB blogger with very little blogging friends, I tag whoever wants to do it- this means you!