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Sorry for the late post- I’m tricking out my forum today so everyone can talk story.

Here’s a poem I wrote 3 years ago. Please enjoy:

Hawaii Then to Now

My ancestors sailed in a slew of canoes
long before Columbus’ 1492
Over rough seas and mountainous waves,
guided by stars and souls that were brave

Hawaii became a most spiritual world
tales of dragons and Pele and Maui unfurled
And the people built houses and chanted and danced
Became skilled artists and farmed their new plants

Doctors and chiefs, magicians and men
became warriors all fighting their foes to the end
And one special King sought to do what was right
He took on the challenge for the tribes to unite.

And he used some of Davis and Young’s little tricks-
cannons and muskets along with sharp sticks
weapons of shark teeth and martial arts too,
they fought very hard and they fought quite a few

See, the King he foresaw a grim future ahead
with lands seperated and all our people dead
A monarchial kingdom sprang from his vision
He kept it in mind, and he made it his mission

And soon other Kings and a Queen took his place
They ruled over the lands and its people with grace
International countries acknowledged us too,
but as our people lessened, the others they grew

Our population dwindled to a few ten thousand
and the large landholders were thrown onto a mountain
To live with the lepers, though some weren’t diseased-
It was either that way or they drowned in the seas

Alas, a small group made of sugar tycoons
greedy and selfish and armed like baffoons
pointed their guns at the Queen and they said,
“give up your lands or we’ll shoot you all dead.”

We had too little men- were too a peaceful nation
she was thrown down and jailed ’til emancipation
Still she fought all she could with papers and pen-
but colored women weren’t respected back then.

And now sits a nation under a guise
Its really illegal- but the large country lies
There are many for sovereignty, many who’re not
Swimming together in this big melting pot

A few of the people, they don’t quite mix well,
“you don’t deserve anything!” to us they all yell
a few of the others though, they are so sweet
they hold hands-unite us- help us to our feet.

This is our story from then to today,
It may seem a bit harsh but what can I say?
This story’s not ended, to some there’s a goal-
to restore to our people all that they stole.

copyright 2005 by Monica Lee