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Which is worse?

a) People who walk their leashed dogs around on the beach, watch them squeeze out chunks of rotten alpo and leave it in the sand,

b) Parents who change their babies and leave the swollen fecal-filled pee-bombs on the beach to ferment in the sun,


c) Retards like these:

These doodoo heads were not with us- we have no clue who they were, yet they decided that it was fine to plop themselves directly in front of our already established camp.

Seriously. WTF?

If you notice, the beach was empty. There were also several available trees just a few feet to the left and right of us to sit under, we weren’t even NEAR a trash can, (and by we, I mean 11 of us: 2 parents, 5 kids, 2 grandparents, 1 Uncle and 1 Aunty) yet these people decided to sit right in front of our tent.


We had the ugliest view EVER thanks to them.

We tried asking them if they would move to the side, but they ignored us. Well, desperate times call for desperate measures so we became obnoxious. We yelled, farted, coughed and feigned various diseases, and even suggested that the kids play ‘chase master’ around them- but they didn’t budge one bit.

Thinking that we were being too subtle, my husband got up and played paparazzi. He snapped picture after picture of them, while I announced that they would be starring on my blog.

They finally got the hint, and after three hours of space invasion, they got up and left.

We saw all three options- a, b, and c that day, but I have to say that this one:

wins MY vote.