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Confession time!

This month, I have to apologize to a relative of mine who creams her panties whenever she thinks about Vin Diesel.  How do I know? Well, let’s just say- I have a really good sense of smell.

Her: “I looooovvvvve Vin Diesel.”

Me: “Yeah, his movies are pretty good.”

Her: “I don’t care if his movies are good, I just like looking at him.”

Me: (horrified) “Why?”

Her: “Girl, come on.  He’s perfect- he’s got the body of Adonis!”

Me: “Ew.  Whatever.”

Her: “Are you kidding me? Seriously, are you blind? He’s so friggen hott!”

Me: “I guess so, if you like Mini me.”

Her: “Mini me? Not even.  They look nothing alike!”

Me: “Mmmkay.  Do you have pictures? Let me show you.”


Thinking back on it though, it was kind of evil for me to screw her fantasy up.  So relative, I’m sorry and hey- whatever floats your boat, is alllllll good with me.