Who here is sick of Sarah Palin?

I am.

Yes, I agree she is an attractive woman but come on, the chick is running for vice president not the Emmyʻs.  Americans are vain and superficial but come on.  Who cares about her shoes and lipstick choice?

Iʻm more interested to hear about what she and old-whats-his-face are planning on doing regarding the war, the soldiers, legalized wiretapping and domestic spying, our environment, the economy, native rights, education, the elderly, the homeless, her experience– the list goes on and on… then to hear about her teenage daughter but it seems like every time I turn the TV on, its all about her.  Whoʻs running for president anyway? I donʻt get it.  People werenʻt making this big of a deal when Hillary Clinton wanted to be president.

Guess Barbie for VP is much more do-able.

/end rant.