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Sorry for not blogging but It’s all life’s fault.

Life stuck it’s fat foot out, tripped me up, and sucked all the time out of me.

Since the last time I wrote, my kids and husband all aged a year.  Me on the other hand, remained 21 for the 4th (give or take a few years) time.  My oldest now thinks he’s funnier than me, my big girl is now a singer/dancer, my small boy tells everyone his name is Luigi Percy, my toddler has grown into a full-blown teenager, and my baby somehow turned into the house bully.

The only things that stayed the same is our messy house and the odor that dog oozes out of our dog’s anal sphincter.

Doubt anyone still reads this but I will try to update this blog as much as I can… besides, it’s always fun to look back on!