I am a happily married mommy of five, each one a perfect image of my husband and me. My nickname is ‘mother superior’ hence the random parenting tips. I blog about kids because I believe the children are our future. I prefer coke over pepsi and have breastfed and gone braless under my camisole tanks for so long that I am now contemplating a breast lift. (Underwire carries my girls like string carries an elephant.) Quick shout out to all you surgically enhanced women… heeeeey! I am a SAHM, college student, business owner, teacher, sister, daughter, aunty, cousin, niece and lifelong fan of America’s Next Top Model. If you have anything bad to say about me, I’d prefer that you say it to my face so I know exactly who to curse. I live, I love, I slack, I learn. I’m a good cook and a gud speeller to. Most of all, I like everyone around me to be happy because God only knows that angry and depressed people aren’t much fun to be around. So please, smile! The fun’s on me!




6 thoughts on “About”

  1. SO funny. I googled the phrase “east side west side kalakaua street” (not all that hopeful that I’d find someone who remembered that hand-clapping game that used to get us busted all the time, for calling the boys “stupider”) and found your blog. YAY for Hawaii bloggers!

  2. Hey gurl! Lovin your blog=) Especially the way you talk about your keiki, so cute
    See ya!

  3. damontucker said:

    Nice blog… I might have to recommend this to my wife 😉

  4. Nice blog – found you via black box. I love that you love children. I only have 4. You’re one up on me!

  5. Very, very cool blog.

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